The Free Agent Frenzy is the first professional exposure camp of it’s kind. The latest extension of our Total Pro Evaluation platform will afford any college or junior player that is un-drafted/signed in professional hockey the opportunity to showcase themselves in front of NHL, AHL, ECHL, and European teams. Total Pro Evaluation has thrived off of the connections we’ve built through a lifetime in the game of hockey and now you can take advantage of these relationships to get to the level of pro hockey you desire

  • Each player will participate in four games coached by a current NHL scout. All NHL teams have affiliated with AHL and ECHL teams and their area scouts are tasked with providing reports on players for all three levels. The guy behind your bench at the Free Agent Frenzy may very well be offering you a contract when all is said and done!
  • Each game will be professionally taped and sent to every North American, European, and Asian professional team regardless of if they attended the camp. Accompanying the videos will be a profile of each player including everyone’s contact info so that teams can reach out to you directly should they be interested in signing you.